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Adekemi Adesida is a Nigerian-American fashion designer who specializes in women's ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, and home fashions such as throw pillows. She began this journey at the age of four.

As a child, Ade’ would dress her Barbie dolls. She hated baby dolls and gravitated more to Barbie dolls, and enjoyed having the ability to mix and match their clothes. Adekemi explains that the woman’s silhouette is what she fell in love with. As she grew older, she came to understand that not everyone is a “Barbie doll,” and began to research what she could design that women of all shapes and sizes could embrace.

Adekemi could also often be found sketching, drawing, and painting. Art Adekemi life, and the designing aspect of it, is what she fell in love with. Bold colors, soft textures, a fun and flirty vibe, and versatile but comfortable are all characteristics that her collection possesses.

After several attempts at launching her collection, Adekemi was able to obtain from her father the contact information of her relatives in Vietnam. Her dad was a big advocate and supported her dream to be a designer. In addition to designing, Adekemi co-owns a sourcing firm in Vietnam. In 2015, she took on the role of chairperson for RG Sourcing for the USA. She expanded her resources and helped them include other designers due to the challenging process that many emerging and even established designers go through. As she went through this, Adekemi and her family wanted to expand their services to other designers and assist them in having their dream fulfilled.

Our mission statement here at Ade’ Collection is: “Our products allow for a woman to feel comfortable without compromising on style and class.”

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